Energy is vibration.  Everything is vibrating and in a state of movement. Some things vibrate at a higher frequency making it lighter such as water, and other things vibrate at a slower frequency making it denser like a rock for instance. Sound is a vibrational energy that has the ability to penetrate most things depending on density.

 Sound and vibration has been an energy healing tool for thousands of years across all cultures. It's uses and applications can be found in many of the world's religious and sacred texts. In modern times we need to look no further than our local hospitals for some of the healing applications for sound found in LITHOTRIPSY and SONOGRAMS. These are just two of many useful applications of " sound therapy".

During a sound/vibrational healing you will lie comfortably on a treatment table and Tibetan singing bowls will be placed on and around your body and toned ( played) during your session both on the front of your body as well as along your spine- the back of your body.

These bowls are hand made in India, forged in fire utilizing many different metals and are designed to vibrate deep through you, around you and with you. 

The tones that the bowls themselves produce are hypnotic in nature encouraging a hypnotic or trance-like state of mind. The deep vibrations of the bowls can liberate stale and stagnant energy from within any part of your physical body, including mental, emotional and energy bodies. They treat you as a whole being because sound permeates everything.

During your session, other sounds and vibrational instruments are used including metal tube chimes  and of course the GONG. 

The Gong is an ancient and sacred instrument that literally vibrates the cosmos. It is said that no human mind can resist the Gong more than 9 seconds. Brain waves quickly entrain with the sound waves of the Gong. This produces a Theata/ Delta state of consciousness, which is to say a deep meditative state where brain wave activity slows down to .5- 3HZ per cycle. Waking brain waves cycle at a much quicker pace 12 - 38 HZ per cycle.

In this enriched state of sound, vibration, and deep relaxation the parasympathetic nervous system is activated into what has been coined by Dr Herbert Benson, professor, author, cardiologist, and founder of Harvard's Mind/Body Medical Institute as the RELAXATION RESPONSE.

This is a state in which inflammation is decreased by the release of endorphins ( neurotransmitter chemicals aka feel-good chemicals). The immune system is naturally boosted and blood pressure lowers putting the body in a state of homeostasis or " equilibrium". Under these conditions, the body is more easily able to make micro repairs to itself on a cellular level.

1 hour $75/session (salt lounge option available $120)

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