Reiki is a two-part word and means life force energy REI connecting with your own personal energy KI, REI- Ki. This is an ancient Tibetan healing practice

During a one hour, Reiki treatment the recipient will lie comfortably on a treatment table while the Reiki practitioner scans the energy field with their hands for all imbalances and areas of incongruences. 

Once identified the practitioner will spend the remaining time directing a steady flow of Reiki energy to bring harmony and balance to your energy field.

Reiki works to engage the parasympathetic nervous system into what's known as " the relaxation response " a term coined in 1975  by Dr. Herbert Benson, professor, author, cardiologist, and founder of Harvard's Mind/Body Institute.

During this state of deep relaxation, inflammation decreases while the immune system is naturally enhanced. The sympathetic nervous system is tamped down ( fight or flight) as they can not both operate at the same time. The body releases endorphins which are our feel-good hormones. Under these conditions, the body is better able to reach a state of homeostasis and make tiny micro repairs. 

Reiki is excellent for pain management, stress management and a variety of mind/body concerns.

1 hour $75/session during hours of operation

1 hour $120/session after-hours inside lounge

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