Kundalini Yoga


Kundalini is the yoga of awareness. While it is a physical practice it is also a deeply spiritual practice as It uses the body’s energy field to cultivate the third eye.   

Kundalini yoga will balance your chakras while opening pathways for your Kundalini energy to rise up, to bring about a state of union between the finite self and the infinite self. It takes us from a place of “ me” to a place of “ we”. This gentle and deeply meditative yoga is appropriate for all levels of yogis ~ even beginners and newcomers.  


Kundalini was a royal yoga set aside for the ruling class in India as the mastery of it brings about great attributes and strengths. Yogi Bhajan was guided to bring this once secretive, exclusive yoga to the west and it is now practiced around the world.  

You can learn more at 3HO.org 

$20 per class. 

5 Classes $75

10 Classes $150

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Yogi Bhajan


"Everyone is a candle, but not everyone is lit" 

~ Yogi Bhajan


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