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Float Sessions

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Salt Lounge

Salt Lounge

Salt LoungeSalt LoungeSalt Lounge




Quiet The Mind & The Soul Will Speak

Float Sessions


We feature two full-sized adult float pods with multiple floating experiences that the floater can choose for their session, including total sensory deprivation, chroma therapy (color therapy), healing frequency music, binaural meditative beats, and guided imagery.

Salt Lounge


Our salt lounge was lovingly created with over two tons of pure Himalayan pink salt, including the floors and walls. This pink salt gives off negative ions that naturally purify the air. Studies show that breathing in this concentrated salt air has numerous health benefits. It is appropriate for all age groups and pregnant women. Those suffering with END STAGE COPD and  END STAGE CHF are not appropriate for salt air therapy. 



The temperature drops down steadily to approximately -256 degrees by the end of the three minutes. This is the air temperature around you, not your core temperature. The air is supercooled down by the use of liquid nitrogen. It is dry cold air so it is much more tolerable then outside wet air or an ice bath.

Emotional Freedom Technique


Within just a few sessions you will have a literal map of your symptoms to their root in core beliefs and the tools you need to effectively deal with them. 

EFT aims to make you independent quickly of your practitioner and armed with self-assurance that you have the tools and the skill set to work through any limitations or new circumstances that life brings your way.



Non- invasive sessions for slimming and toning.

The session lasts for 37 minutes and is done manually through a massage technique. You can visit us during your lunch break or immediately before or after a workout. There is no downtime after the session. 

Sound / Vibrational Healing


During a sound/vibrational healing, you will lie comfortably on a treatment table and Tibetan singing bowls will be placed on and around your body and toned ( played) during your session both on the front of your body as well as along your spine- the back of your body.

These bowls are hand made in India, forged in fire utilizing many different metals and are designed to vibrate deep through you, around you and with you. 

Ionic Foot Bath Detox


The largest pores on your body happen to be on the soles of your feet. As you soak your feet in the mineral-rich pink Himalayan salt water a negative ionic charge is introduced that will turn the water a brownish color. 



During a one hour, Reiki treatment the recipient will lie comfortably on a treatment table while the Reiki practitioner scans the energy field with their hands for all imbalances and areas of incongruences. 

Once identified the practitioner will spend the remaining time directing a steady flow of Reiki energy to bring harmony and balance to your energy field.

Kundalini Yoga


Kundalini yoga will balance your chakras while opening pathways for your Kundalini energy to rise bringing about a state of union between the finite self and the infinite self. It takes us from a place of “ me” to a place of “ we”.

Meditation Class


This Meditation Class incorporates pranayama & mantra meditation. No prior experience needed

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